tickers 3.1 synchronizes your favorites

With the latest update you have finally the option to synchronize the favorites with all your devices through tickerCloud. Add favorites while you’re on the way with your smartphone and read them later at home with your tablet or PC. And you will not lose your favorites when you have to reinstall tickers or change your device. If you haven’t created a tickerCloud account yet, maybe you should think about it now. You get a lot of benefits from it.

You can now set a custom notification sound on iOS and Android. Actually, as some other features too, this was requested by a user a long time ago and now it’s finally available. I hope it was worth the waiting and you enjoy it, Jared. And all the others like it – hopefully – too.

Nearly one year has passed since the release of tickers (or tickerfeed for the older readers), and it was really a lot of fun and a great experience. When I compare the current version with the first release a lot has changed: The UI, the name, tickerCloud, trending messages and many more features. But the core idea is still the same: A simple and fast notification service.

Thanks everyone for using tickers and all the feedback and feature requests.