tickers 3.0 finally available

Finally, after a long time, the new tickers version is available for iOS, Android and Windows. As I already mentioned in the previous news, one of the biggest change is the new name. Tickerfeed is gone and is replaced by tickers. This change also includes the new logo and the reworked homepage.


One of the most requested feature in the past was the option to synchronize your subscriptions across all your devices. Well, I listened to your feedback and now the solution is available: tickerCloud. If you want to use this feature, you need to create a tickers account first and use this account on all your devices, where you want the synchronisation. Subscriptions of channels or push notifications are synchronized with all your connected devices (a small cloud appears in the ticker overview). But you can decide for every subscription if you want to synchronize it with all your devices or only on the current device.

Improved Notifications

The notifications on Windows and iOS received an update too. The Windows toast notifications and live tiles will show the logo of the ticker. And the iOS version uses the new iOS 10 notifications (due some error in the iOS version, the ticker logos are disabled for this version).

New Windows Design

The Windows version of tickers got a new and reworked design, while the design on iOS and Android received only minor changes. During the evolution of Windows Phone 7 to Windows 10 (Mobile) and their UWP apps, Microsoft tried a lot of different ideas for their app designs. And tickers still had some design elements from the past. That’s why it didn’t feel like a modern UWP app.

With Windows 10, it seems that the hamburger menu is the new standard and tickers is now using this hamburger menu.

Password Reset

If you lost the password or the username for your tickers account in the past, you had a problem as there was no way to reset it. Now you can add an email to your account and use it to reset your password. If you already have an account, do not forget to add your email.