tickerfeed is now tickers

Goodbye tickerfeed! We had a great time together, but now it’s time to move on.

I really liked the name tickerfeed, but it had one big drawback: the feed in it’s name. A lot of people thought that tickerfeed was a RSS/News/Feed-Reader, but it was not the case.

When you read through some of the old articles about tickerfeed you will soon notice that it was often marked as a news reader, but I don’t want this comparison anymore. Clearly, you can use it as a news reader only. I have no problem with that, but it’s more than just a news reader.

When I started the development of tickerfeed, I had this idea in my mind to build a simple, anonymous and easy unidirectional notification service. There’s something you’re interested in? Maybe news, a small blog, a YouTube channel, a live ticker of your local soccer team, the latest appointments of your local hiking group, the daily menu of your canteen? No problem: Just subscribe it and you will always get the latest info as push notification. That’s why I developed tickerfeed: always be up-to-date.

Tickerfeed has a lot of potential (you could, for example, use the API to translate a public calendar into push notifications that everyone can easily subscribe to in tickerfeed, instead of messing and sending around calendar URLs or whatever). But as tickerfeed is still seen as a news reader, I decided to rename it to tickers.

With the new name I hope that the people understand that tickers is about realtime notifications. Everything is a live ticker: a YouTube channel, a news website or whatever you want.
Maybe you have ideas that I am currently not thinking about. Go ahead and use the different Connectors to build your own ticker (your own blog or a fan ticker) or use the API and create something completely new!