New Tickerfeed Design

During the development of tickerfeed, I didn’t put that much thought into its design. Actually, in my naive thinking, my credo was: As long as it’s working, it doesn’t have to be pretty. Well, I was wrong. Usually, the people think the other way: It doesn’t have to work, as long as it’s pretty.

Anyway, tickerfeed didn’t really look good. It was a mixture of different icon sets that I googled and nothing really fit together. Everything was packed together to use every pixel of the screen.

Luckily, after googling around for new icons, I found Eleonors website. I contacted her simply asking for some help with icons, but she actually took some screenshots of tickerfeed and made a complete redesign of the app. She really redesigned everything from the scratch. The icons, the look and feel, the font, the colors. It was amazing and it totally blew my mind when I got her first mail response with all the new designs without even asking.

I know I already thanked her 1,000 times, but I want to do it here again: Thank you, Eleanor.

Have a look at this huge difference. The left design is made by a blind monkey (sometimes called “programmers’ art”), and on the right is Eleonor’s awesome design.