ZBar SDK 64 Bit for iPhone 6 and iOS 8 download

Recently, I had to update an app, which was using the ZBar SDK for scanning bar codes. I haven’t touched this code for about two years, but wanted to add iPhone 6(+) support and meet apples latest requirements (64 bit is required starting June 1). And using the new scanner engine in AVFoundation (iOS 7+) was not an option.

The problem, in this case, was the fact, that the ZBar SDK on the homepage was not updated for a long time, like the SDK or the source code. The provided libzbar.a simply does not contain all the needed architectures to use it in apps targeting the latest iPhone or iPhone simulator, which require 64 bit support.

If you get error messages like “missing required architecture x86_64” or “missing required architecture arm64”, you can use my version.

Therefore, I simply recompiled it and now everything is working as expected, and I want to share the new libzbar.a (it’s a simple drop in replacement, just replace the libzbar.a in your project), which now contains the following architectures: armv7, armv7s, arm64, i386, x86_64

Download ZBar SDK with 64 Bit and iPhone 6 support (3 MB)

13 thoughts on “ZBar SDK 64 Bit for iPhone 6 and iOS 8 download

  1. Perfect! Thank you! I was able to drop it into my older project, change it to a universal application, compile and deploy. No code changes necessary.

  2. Could you put the code up on github or a zip file or something? A precompiled binary is only good until the next architecture comes out, which is not long. Thanks!

  3. I have been assigned a new project to maintain, this project includes ZBAR. Can someone describe the steps to update to 64bit compatible version in my project?

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